3 ways to become a great coach without any experience

Have your ever dreamed of being a great mentor for individuals or groups of people? If you have one or many passions and a deep desire to teach your knowledge to the others, you should go after it on part time, full time or as a freelancer. The pain point is the difficulty of reaching great customers when starting from scratch or without having a great resume. Most of the people are afraid to provide services as a coach because of the lack of credibility or the lack of diploma.

Don’t worry, there are 3 ways to become a great coach when starting from scratch.

1) Create a concept

You can become a business coach, a sport coach, a motivational coach or whatever your passion is. The key to become successful is to create a new concept. Don’t try to copy a famous influencer or a 7-figure entrepreneur, create your own mark by picking one or many of the common tools used to promote business (audio podcast, writing blog, video challenge, live event) and then show your strength as a coach and as a person by revealing to the people why you are a great coach to work with and what is your unique high value. Give a free taste of your abilities to your audience then create a call-to-action sequence where people can book you for a real event, a real consultation or for a group. “I know I can, be what I wanna be, if I work hard at it, I’ll be where I wanna be” (Nas).

2) Social Network domination

Social Networks are obvious ways to create your legacy. But the difference between the average and the great entrepreneurs is the quality of the content and the consistency of the post. Don’t get outworked by your top competitors. Many people can make daily post but very few people can create high quality posts. You must have the discipline and the heart to become better every day to create new motivational content for your audience. If you really want to be successful, some days you’ll have to give up sleep to be able to coach people with high value tips. Focus on posting regular high value posts, photos, videos and webinar on all the most used social networks. Becoming a top coach starts by becoming a top reference as an adviser and motivational entrepreneur on Internet.

3) Work For FREE

This concept is probably hard to understand for some people, but working for FREE is the best way to build a trust. The road to the success is not about how much money you are able to make, it’s about your ability to effectively drive people to the success. If you want to coach 6 or 7-figure entrepreneurs, you must build great testimonies by helping people on your circle inner circle first. Then give time for charities and for people you don’t know on your city, your state and your country. When you first great results will come, then record some written, audio or video testimonies to increase your credibility. The real point around giving time to work for FREE is the ability to help people by empowering their lives with a sincere heart. It’s easy to create live event on your domain to show to the people your ability to coach and to change lives. When you’ll get real paid customers, always keep from free content to reach new people. Your accomplishment will grow up as your free given time to help the community.

Those three ways are great examples to show you that no matter what your background, your resume or your diplomas are, you can become a coach driving the others to the success if you have a real passion and a deep desire to lead the others to the greatness. The consistency of your action for the others and your ability to become better every single day will determine if you’re going to be average, good or great. When you want to become a great coach as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll become successful.


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